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Saturday, October 11, 2008

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Hey everyone!

Here’s your chance to “Save Dilana” !

This tour is a chance for us all to prove that one person can make a difference.  That one person is you!  My dreams were pulled right from under my feet while I was at the beginning of my UK/Canadian Tour.  Well, I’m back on my feet, but with a lot of hard work put behind it.  I received so many messages from disappointed fans and phone calls from different venues that I knew that I HAD TO FINISH THIS SCHEDULED TOUR!  I asked myself how and that answer was given to me by YOU… my loyal fans.

So many of you said that you wanted to help me complete this tour and I was blown away by your response!  I am so deeply touched by the outpouring of Love and Support from my friends, fans, and supporters literally from across the World. I truly have the best fans EVA!  My tour starts next week on October 15, so now’s your chance to help!  If you can’t donate, no worries, I’ll still love you anyways!  If you can donate just a little, that’s wonderful!  If you can donate more, that’s wonderful too! Whatever you can give is greatly appreciated.

We are setting out to prove that by working together as a union through kindness, generosity and a little thing called LOVE, we can harness the power of the Web to make this Tour a smashing success.

If you’d like to help PLS make a donation today and help make this “FAN FUNDED” tour a memorable one for ALL!


  • You will need an existing PayPal account to send money
  • Go to
  • Click the Send Money Tab
  • Enter the Email Address
  • Add a Dollar Amount.
  • Select Cash Advance and go. (Cash Advance Interest Rates on Credit Cards are higher than when making purchases.)
  • You will get an email receipt for the transaction.

Thanx for the much appreciated support!

PS! Would be AWESOME to SELL OUT every venue!!  If you could make it to one of my shows, PLEASE DO! I LOOK FWD TO SINGING MY HEART OUT FOR YOU!

xoxo Dilana xoxo

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If you read the post below you know her story and now you can help.  Watch for an email address in this short promo video and you can donate via PayPal.  Any donation, no matter how small is appreciated.

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