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I am a huge history buff and that includes anything to do with music, of course.  I really liked reading this article because it breaks down the history of Rock and Roll in a way even a non musician can enjoy.

The history of Rock and Roll

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DO YOU KNOW THE BLUES? (guest blogger, Lawana)

I don’t know if this happens on MySpace to everyone, but, the other night I got a friend request from the official BB King MySpace.  I have no idea why, maybe someone out there knows how that all works.  Maybe they pick someone at random.  Anyway, I don’t care why I got the request because it made me goofy-happy.

I was very honored to have had the chance to see Mr. King in concert at a small venue a few years ago.  The theater only holds about 1200 people and we were in the fourth row in the pit.  My heart was in my throat the entire concert.  To be sitting there, that close to a blues legend was just about more than I could handle.

BB is charming and magical and he did not disappoint.  I kept thinking of all the music we love today and how it all really came from people like Mr. King who kept playing and writing no matter what they faced in their lives.

From rock and roll to rap, if you listen to the blues, it is all there. If you don’t get it, you don’t get music, plain and simple.  I love the raw feelings and delivery that turn those basic three chord turn-a-rounds into thousands of songs in their own right.  I love the hesitation, the crack of the voice, the smooth, deep resonance..I love it all.

If you look into their weathered faces and the way they caress their guitars, you know they share with us something timeless and beautiful–they make us feel.

I honor and thank all those musicians, some gone, some still with us, who blazed that trail and opened us up to a whole new world.  I honor their lives, their generosity, and their brave souls.  I honor their music, the music they made ours.


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