N-Tune (guest blogger, JPH)

Found a neat little piece of gear to make every guitar player’s life easier… enter the N-Tune.

The N-Tune Onboard True Bypass Chromatic Tuner is the world’s most convenient solution for fast, accurate guitar tuning. Whether you’re in the studio or on stage, simply pull your guitar’s volume knob and use N-Tune’s super-bright display and silently tune up in seconds. Then push it back down to play — with perfect tone, thanks to N-Tune’s true bypass design which removes all tuning circuitry from your guitar’s signal path.

The N-Tune website has a complete story about how the N-Tune was envisioned, designed, and developed. No information is available on price yet – but keep your eyes peeled for these new gadgets in your local music stores.Good luck – JPH

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