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Date: Oct 6, 2008 5:48 PM


If you watched the TV reality show, Rockstar Supernova, which aired through the summer of 06 you would remember DILANA. She was the small and very beautiful lady with a great big voice, piercings, tattoos, and multi colored hair. If you didn’t watch… Dilana held everyone’s attention every time she came on the screen. She was runner up at the end of the series but that’s not where the story ends.

Since then Dilana has toured in select places around the world, and has finished her not yet released new CD. It should have been released sometime in mid to end of September 08.
The CD has many guest appearances including Mick Mars from Motley Crue, Gilby Clark from Guns and Roses,
and Adrian Young, the drummer from No Doubt.
You can listen to a few of the songs on her myspace profile www. myspace. com/dilanarox
You can purchase some of the songs at Snowcap, iTunes and
Walmart music downloads.

She did a fantastic rendition of Queen’s classic, “Killer Queen” which is also available at itunes. She just released a new single titled, “My Drug” which is only available on iTunesUK.

Sorry USA and Canada, we have to wait.

People have been recording and uploading videos of the live shows to YouTube. If you go to YouTube and do a search for Dilana you can set the search for “dates added” to find the most recent shows. Kathy, a wonderful and dear friend of Dilana’s, has some of the best video doccumentation so far.
You can view them at –
www. youtube. com/user/tweedykat

This girl is a Rock Goddess and we are all hoping that she is able to release the CD sometime within the next year.

The material ROCKS! Dilana has fantastic stage presence and she always feeds off of the fan’s energy, which makes each and every show something special and something to remember. The more you like her, the better she sings. Her singing ranges from soft and breathy, (which has you about to cry), to all out in your face with anger and determination. She controls the stage with a vengeance. Taking command of every aspect of the show to make sure no one leaves without feeling a part of what just happened. You can read some of the comments from her adoring fans on her myspace page for yourself. She is now known all around the world and there is no doubt in my mind, that in time, she will be a star sitting right up there with some of the best Rock Icons.

Dilana was on a recent tour through the UK when something unexpected happened and the tour was canceled. Yes that’s right, the rug was pulled right out from under the band and they were left stranded in London with no money to return to the states.
This is a direct quote from Dilana,
“I’m sitting here in this London hotel lobby with my band and my tour manager with total disbelief and shock.

Due to mismanagement and HMG Records having NO money to continue this tour, the plug has just been pulled on everything”.

Dilana was expecting to continue her tour through Canada and the dates were booked and confirmed. So being the awesome artist that she is, Dilana started to set up her own, “selffunded” tour to make sure her loving and devoted fans in Canada would still have a show.

She picked up a backing act – Murder City Sparrows and together
they will tour Canada from east to west.

Dilanas tour will have to be an acoustic show due to funds with her drummer/guitarist Erik instead of taking her now complete and rockin’ band, (which was lighting up every venue they played in the UK and LA).

She is now in need of a little help from her fans.

If you have never seen Dilana perform a live gig,
this is definitely something you need to experience !

Dilana is now trying to fund this tour on her own, but is running into a few problems. This is where you come in ! If you live in Canada or the US and would like to help Dilana, read the message she posted in her myspace blog, (attached below), and maybe you could be one of the lucky ones to help and receive a very special reward.

You could even have Dilana and Erik as a house guest !!!
How cool is that ???


  1. #1 by Randy on January 8, 2009 - 2:57 pm

    She’s fantabulous! How can I help?

  2. #2 by Rick Lanning on January 8, 2009 - 3:22 pm

    Good news, the tour was a success and Dilana is still on the road, currently back in LA. Just keep supporting her and watch for more news.

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